History & Future

Kiddiekidz has very unique and interesting beginning, unlike most daycares you have likely ever known. And as a result, the ‘feeling’ and the ‘programs’ that are offered by Kiddiekidz are as unique as it’s Founder & President, Monina Navarrete. Ms. Navarrete grew up in the Philippines, and from a very young age was always fascinated with and drawn to the profession of teaching. As her parents said, as she often pretended to teach her dolls in the make believe class room – “It was truly in her blood.” And so the journey continued, as she successfully proceeded through high-school and then in university, excelling in the math's and sciences, with her first degree being a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering. But her heart’s desire was not to create the next super glue, but to teach the subjects she loved best to others. And soon, she was behind a desk doing exactly that – with high-school students. For several years she taught various math and science programs, but like so many of us when we are young, the ‘rose coloured’ glasses through which we see the world and it’s opportunities – isn’t exactly as we had envisioned. And that was indeed the case for Monina, for the loud and often intimidating students ( for she is just over 5 feet tall ) was not the environment that her dolls, whom she taught so diligently as child, would have felt comfortable in – and neither did she. However, her skills as a teacher and proficiency as an administrator was noticed by the Superintendent, and as a result Ms. Navarrete was offered a job as a Principal at a nearby school. And although she enjoyed the challenge, things did not really improve. For although she was largely dealing with the faculty, her passion – teaching – had now been completely removed for her life. There needed to be a change. And there was. She was aware of an opening to teach math and science in grades 3 and 4, and she jumped at, even though it was drop in pay, she longed to back in the classroom – and this time with students who were smaller than she was! The experience was wonderful, but as fate would have it, her teaching prowess and uncanny way with kids who just seemed to truly love her – resulted in her being recommended, unbenounced to her – and then requested by the Royal Families of Oman to teach their children. With much prayer and deliberation, she finally decided to accept the offer. It was the best decision of her life. And not because of the lavish surroundings nor the special treatment – but because she had finally found her ‘calling’ – what she was truly created to be and do. For part of her responsibilities now, did not just include grade school and high school, as she was accustomed to – but to also teach and take care of the little children – toddlers, pre-schoolers and kindergartens. She was in heaven! So now, after 28 years of teaching, a Masters in Education, certified in Early Childcare, accredited Neuro Educational Therapist and an Ontario College Teachers Licence – Monina Navarrete has begun yet another chapter in her life. For now, after 5 years working in numerous daycares, 3 in other facilities – ranging from small spaces to large 150 plus child centers with multiple branches, experience with both privately funded and subsidized operations – she has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of the full gamete of what daycares have to offer. And that is what lead to the opening of the first Kiddiekidz Child Care – her desire to provide the most loving environment and most effective pre-school education found anywhere in Canada. And based on the accolades of all her ‘LHD and Kiddiekidz Families’ as she calls them, it seems that she is well on her way to teaching many more children the joy of learning, and …

‘ Ensuring a Great Start to Your Child’s Future. ’

Appendix C: List of Communicable Diseases

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)
Chlamydia trachomatis infections
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, all types
Cytomegalovirus infection Congenital
Hemorrhagic fevers
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Meningitis, acute
Ophthalmia neonatorum
Personal service settings
Respiratory infections, including institutional outbreaks
Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
Streptococcal infections

Regulatory Requirements: Ontario Regulation 137/15 Children’s Records

72(1) Every licensee shall ensure that up-to-date records that are available for inspection by an inspector or program adviser at all times are kept of the following matters in respect of each child receiving child care at a child care centre operated by the licensee or receiving child care at a premises where it oversees the provision of home child care:

1. An application for enrolment signed by a parent of the child.
2. The name, date of birth and home address of the child.
3. The names, home addresses and telephone numbers of the parents of the child.
4. The address and telephone number at which a parent of the child or other person can be reached in case of an emergency during the hours when the child receives child care.
5. The names of persons to whom the child may be released.
6. The date of admission of the child.
7. The date of discharge of the child.
8. The child’s previous history of communicable diseases, conditions requiring medical attention and, in the case of a child who is not in attendance at a school or private school within the meaning of the Education Act, immunization or required form completed by a parent or legally qualified medical practitioner as to why the child should not be immunized.
9. Any symptoms indicative of ill health.
9.1 A copy of any individualized plan.
10. Written instructions signed by a parent of the child for any medical treatment or drug or medication that is to be administered during the hours the child receives child care.
11. Written instructions signed by a parent of the child concerning any special requirements in respect of diet, rest or physical activity.
12. A copy of any written recommendation referred to in subsection 33.1 (1) from a child’s physician regarding the placement of a child for sleep. (2) The records listed in subsection (1) shall be kept, as the case may be, (a) on the premises of the child care centre at which the child receives child care; or (3) See Manual Section 10.3. (4) Revoked. (5) Every licensee shall ensure that the records required to be maintained under this section with respect to a child are kept for at least three years from the date the child is discharged at the child care centre or home child care agency.