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Summer Camp 2024

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thrusday Friday
Welcome Day:
Introduction to Camp
Arts and Crafts:
Outdoor Play:
Story Time:
Favorite Stories
Music and Movement:
Dance Party
Nature Walk:
Explore the Environment
Sensory Play:
Water Play
Cooking Class:
Baking Cookies
Science Experiment:
Color Mixing
Outdoor Games:
Duck, Duck, Goose
Animal Day:
Visit to Petting Zoo
Planting Seeds
Creative Play:
Dress-Up Day
Music Day:
Making Musical Instruments
Water Fun Day:
Splash Pad Visit
Puppet Show
Nature Scavenger Hunt
Playdough Creations
Community Helper Day:
Firefighter Visit
Movie Day:
KidFriendly Film
Arts and Crafts:
Collage Making
Outdoor Picnic and Picnic Games
Science Exploration:
Music and Movement:
Freeze Dance
Field Day:
Obstacle Course and Races
Science Day:
Exploring Nature
Arts and Crafts:
Playdough Fun
Outdoor Adventure:
Nature Scavenger Hunt
Music and Movement:
Musical Chairs
Water Play:
Sprinkler Fun
Animal Exploration:
Zoo Visit
Story Time:
Favorite Books
Creative Play:
Building Blocks
Cooking Class:
Making Fruit Salad
Field Trip:
Nature Reserve Visit
Sensory Play:
Sand and Water Table
Music and Movement:
Dance Party
Outdoor Games:
Simon Says
Arts and Crafts:
Collage Making
End-of-Summer Party: Games and Treats

Cultivating a growth mindset

Let's use these summer months to develop a growth mindset, practice mindfulness and improve executive function. We will provide activities to cultivate a growth mindset. We will introduce you to a variety of summer-friendly mindfulness practices. Plus, we will discuss how we can customize a summer Play Attention Program focused on strengthening executive function.

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Appendix C: List of Communicable Diseases

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)
Chlamydia trachomatis infections
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, all types
Cytomegalovirus infection Congenital
Hemorrhagic fevers
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Meningitis, acute
Ophthalmia neonatorum
Personal service settings
Respiratory infections, including institutional outbreaks
Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
Streptococcal infections

Regulatory Requirements: Ontario Regulation 137/15 Children’s Records

72(1) Every licensee shall ensure that up-to-date records that are available for inspection by an inspector or program adviser at all times are kept of the following matters in respect of each child receiving child care at a child care centre operated by the licensee or receiving child care at a premises where it oversees the provision of home child care:

1. An application for enrolment signed by a parent of the child.
2. The name, date of birth and home address of the child.
3. The names, home addresses and telephone numbers of the parents of the child.
4. The address and telephone number at which a parent of the child or other person can be reached in case of an emergency during the hours when the child receives child care.
5. The names of persons to whom the child may be released.
6. The date of admission of the child.
7. The date of discharge of the child.
8. The child’s previous history of communicable diseases, conditions requiring medical attention and, in the case of a child who is not in attendance at a school or private school within the meaning of the Education Act, immunization or required form completed by a parent or legally qualified medical practitioner as to why the child should not be immunized.
9. Any symptoms indicative of ill health.
9.1 A copy of any individualized plan.
10. Written instructions signed by a parent of the child for any medical treatment or drug or medication that is to be administered during the hours the child receives child care.
11. Written instructions signed by a parent of the child concerning any special requirements in respect of diet, rest or physical activity.
12. A copy of any written recommendation referred to in subsection 33.1 (1) from a child’s physician regarding the placement of a child for sleep. (2) The records listed in subsection (1) shall be kept, as the case may be, (a) on the premises of the child care centre at which the child receives child care; or (3) See Manual Section 10.3. (4) Revoked. (5) Every licensee shall ensure that the records required to be maintained under this section with respect to a child are kept for at least three years from the date the child is discharged at the child care centre or home child care agency.